Beauty at its best

What happens when beauty and simplicity connects. We tried to give you a slight hint of that with the Colorway Theme.

How do you see yourself?

Do you wish to be in charge of your life? How does it feel to be in charge of your life? How does being in charge of your life affect others? Is your body in charge of you? Are you struggling with an addiction?

Definition of Integrity

When what you think, say and do are in line with the time you thought it, said it, did it. All you need is to take ownership of your Integrity! I can assist you to do that.


Creative Direction Advisor, Relationship Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Grand Master 18 & Teacher, E.F.T. Tapping, Tarot & Cartomancy, Intuitive Healer and Workshop Facilitator.


Energy Healing Workshop Angels & Spirit Guides Archetypes Workshop and Manifestation Chart

T.H.E.O.N.I. Way is committed to Healing through processes such as hypnotherapy, energy shape shifting, intuitive diagnosis and therapy, and Reiki healing as well as life coaching, with guidance in creating a different way of life so that life is healthy, positive and energetic.