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The Creator’s Way – World Ego and Spirit Soul


In her unique work The Creator’s Way, Theoni Moraitis offers insights gleaned from just below the conscious view of life. The mystical and powerful messages offered in this volume are designed to create inspiration and “Aha!”‘ moments that awaken the spiritual power residing deep within each of us. Like a jewel of many facets, each oracle reveals something different to each person reading the work, depending on what they need to be aware of. The oracles show what our inner Spirit is trying to reveal about the world around us.

With her unique and powerful teaching methods as well as her non-negotiable integrity, the author has gained the trust of her international clients, who continue to grow in number. Tarot and cartomancy are also some of the tools she uses for gaining deeper insight. Journey with her as she explores the deeper relationship between spirit soul and world ego, offering readers a guide to merging with spirit while living in their human bodies.

ISBN: 978-1532004094



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Reviewed by Sarah White
November 23, 2016

Short pieces allow for meditation and taking action, moving audiences to improve their outlooks one reading at a time.

South African metaphysician Theoni Moraitis’s The Creator’s Way: World Ego and Spirit Soul is an engaging, inspiring, and brief book, self-described as an oracular collection of wisdom that can be tapped into as needed.

While useful for such guidance, the book can also be read in its entirety, as a collection of meditations and affirmations related to world ego (“a manifestation of your human relationship with your physical world”) and spirit soul (that seeks “to connect your basic humanness with the spirit of your creator”). These two parts of every person, Moraitis says, need to be in balance; if they are, one can fully understand life, one’s relationships with others, and one’s reactions to everyday events and encounters.

Steeped in Moraitis’s experience in everything from traditional healing to hypnotherapy, the book seeks to combine mystical and spiritual thinking with solid advice that can be implemented on many levels in people’s lives. Passages on subjects such as choice, mind and body, values, letting go, and forgiveness will encourage and motivate readers to look at their own lives and reflect on how they might become more in tune with their spirits and their deeper selves.

The book dispenses advice in short passages that run from a couple of sentences to a half page or so, with thoughts such as “Life is a treasure chest filled with illusions or disillusions. Choose your beliefs wisely.” Though they only take a minute or two to read, the reflections they inspire will take longer. Moraitis encourages opening the book to a random page, which will speak to the current needs of the person holding the book and tell them just what they need to know.

The book is well organized and easy to read, either in quick moments throughout the day or across multiple longer sessions. Short pieces and often short sentences combine into a readable meditation on spirituality, abundance, energy, and more.

While some of the book’s passages feel too short to truly be of value—one, for instance, suggests being “constructive with the energy of anger” but doesn’t explain how to do that—they are a good place to start when it comes to thinking about how to become more in tune with one’s feelings and the world.

The Creator’s Way is a work full of easy digested tidbits that allow for self-reflection and taking action; it will encourage readers to improve their attitudes, outlooks, and thoughts, one short reading session at a time.

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T.H.E.O.N.I. Way – A Collection of Original Inspirational Messages


T.H.E.O.N.I. Way presents a collection of inspirational messages intended to awaken consciousness and offer an inspiring guide to positive action. Based on the work of spiritual healer Theoni Moraitis, this compilation focuses on the principles and values of her T.H.E.O.N.I. Way, an acronym that stands for Transforming Healing Energy and the Oracle of Navigating with Integrity. Working with personal energy to implement practical advice in dealing with day-to-day issues, Moraitis traces out a path for a journey of self-discovery made simple by spot-on inspirational advice. You might randomly choose a message-a-day by just opening the book to any page—the bit of advice you pick in this manner is meant only for you at that particular moment.

These are just a few examples of the messages included in this collection: • “IF” is the longest word ever expressed; it usually follows with what is not. • When Fearless meets with its mirror, there can only be Love. • Persistent, inspiring, respectful, loving support heals wounds and allows change to BE the opportunity that you live in with ALL Creation. • Be flexible when choosing to move into the unknown. Then you are in creation of the reality you choose. The advice of T.H.E.O.N.I. Wayprovides the opportunity to experience life for the highest good.

ISBN: 978-1-45027-557-6

Page 111.  Explore & make clear choices on your boundaries. BE flexible, offer grace, accept graciously, and stand tall. Your strength is in your life’s purpose to BE true in your intentions & to follow through with determination in your actions. When you value your SELF, you are experiencing freedom.


About the Author

Theoni Moraitis was born in South Africa and is of Greek heritage. During the past forty years in South Africa, she has gained valuable knowledge from life-changing moments. She currently resides in Athens and is a well-known international spiritual healer, clairsentient, and shamanic intuitive healer.