• Energy Healing Workshop

Theoni teaches advanced methods of energy healing in her workshops, including pendulum work.
Incorporated in this workshop is the Usui Intentional Reiki Course level 1, 2 and Master Attunement level 3.

Level 1
History of Reiki
How to channel for Reiki Energy
Reiki hand positions for self-healing and for healing others

Level 2
Reiki Symbols and their meanings
Healing Setting
Distant Healing

Level 3
Chakras and their colours
Advanced methods of healing
Advanced methods of clearing and cleansing
Balancing of Chakras
Pendulum Work
Receive your attunements

  • Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides Workshop

Angels are energy beings who live in an unlimited state of super consciousness and with the infinite God. These Angels and your inner Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides and or Masters, help support and guide you through the uncertainty of this world and effortlessly evolve you into the next. I will safely guide you to meet with your personal support team.

  • Meet Your Archetypes

Archetypes are personalities or energy masks that we draw on in order to deal with certain issues in our everyday lives. We all operate with the same 4 Universal archetypes (The Prostitute; The Victim; The Child and The Saboteur) and then have as many as 12 others and probably more! These vary from person to person. I invite you to acquaint yourself with them and experience them so that they serve your highest good. Based on the work of Caroline Myss.

  • Feng Shui – Your Manifestation Chart

This is a practical and fun filled workshop that teaches you to use the powerful ancient oriental energy of Feng Shui, into manifesting what you wish for!

  • EYE SEE – Opening Your Third Eye

The Third Eye is a mystical concept referring to the eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight! Developing your Third Eye is the doorway to all things psychic and assists you in seeing past the limitations of humanity.