April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020

Greetings Citizens of Love! 

April begins on a dreamy, emotional note for us all. The reality of our new ‘normal’ routine has begun to set in. For some of us it’s a dream come true and for others it’s an uncertain time filled with anxiety and fears. One thing is certain and that is we are all in this together and our individual attention is required in order to hold the space of Light and trust; everything is as it should be. 

The planet Mars is in the sign Aquarius (stays there until 13 May 2020) and this astrological event is demanding that we be action-driven, and innovative with our thinking for the sake of all humanity.

In numerology April (4) is a month to create and build a new solid foundation or structure that enhances our ability to balance (04+2020=8) our self spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. This also means that we can either bring inspiration and be inspired or at its worst, create drama and extreme imbalances.

As with all my personal learnings and teachings, this month is no different; know thyself. It all begins and ends with you. Your thoughts have no power over you unless you believe them. It makes sense to become more selective with the thoughts you choose to believe. Choose wisely.

Time has always been a valuable energy and even more so today as we find ourselves with a lot freer time. The busy-ness of life has taken a turn. As with everything in life, this too is temporary. I wish to invite you to write down your list of new goals. Time is the great healer and all that we are experiencing right now has an impact on our individual well-being. Surrender to the divine order of Life / Universe / God. Explore the possibilities of how you can help your community, the groups you belong to, or even just your friends. Every positive thought or action affects us as the collective energy or consciousness. We are truly living the age of Aquarius and the world is finally waking up!

I get this time we are living in can seem rather overwhelming, rest assured I am available for readings and or Soul Coaching, or numerology and astrology reports via What’s app or Skype or Zoom. Message me to book your appointment.

As it is above so it is below.

The Full Moon is 7 April 2020 and all focus is on transformation of personal relationships. Remember that diplomacy goes a long way! Rather go with the flow than re-act with emotional outbursts. Awareness is the golden key to ending unhealthy relationships or making necessary changes.

The New Moon is 22 April 2020 and being practical with all your desires will help you make a fresh and focused change. Take a look at what the Moon (your needs) is signalling for you to begin to transform in your life.

I wish you an enlightened and blessed month!

Love and miracles,



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