April 2021

“Don’t be afraid of the shadows, it only means there’s a light nearby” – Amy Lee

The aspects of Self that we hide are the shadows that we deny exist in ourselves and judge in others. Yet, that which we deny exists in ourselves, will always find a way to filter through into our daily life. The shadow-self is merely an unacknowledged attribute of our perceived flaws. With our insistent need to view life as either wrong or right, we ultimately make our ‘weaknesses’ very wrong. The first step to healing all aspects of our psyche, is to become aware of the shadow-self, which is like the darkness we cannot see in, until we switch on the light.

Take the first step, and ask yourself, “how can I improve myself?” or “what are the areas of my life I would like to experience more joy in?” All of life is rich in symbolism, and so much is taken for granted! Look around you, look inside you, find the mystical clues and allow yourself to receive the answers!

There is no short-cut, there is only continuous unlearning and learning in the name of spiritual wholeness. (Keep a lookout on my website for an upcoming course on shadow healing).

This month holds a strong desire for stability and the need to communicate our feelings and strive for a more disciplined approach to achieving goals. There is a stronger awareness around the power of the mind and how it affects our bodies, not only as individuals, but also as humanity and its impact on the body we inhabit, Mother Earth.

In Numerology, April holds the vibration of a Four (4) and it symbolises a month of mapping and planning the way forward. A time to speak clearly, and to pay attention to details, facts and figures. It is also a time to set boundaries in areas of life where they are now proving to be necessary.

In Tarot, card Four of the Major Arcana is The Emperor, an especially masculine card, and describes our ability to feel empowered and take responsibility for our actions with integrity, compassion, and wisdom.

As it is above, so it is below.

The New Moon is on 11 April 2021 and as with all new moons it symbolises new beginnings and a time to pioneer and put into action a new vision, a time to start again. Cultivate your intentions and make them count!

The Full Moon on 26 April 2021 symbolises completions and an end of a cycle. Strong emotions push you to act in an impulsive and extreme way, rather take a look at what the full moon is highlighting for you, as this is surely showing you what has been suppressed and needs to transform with tender loving care.

I wish you a blessed and joyful month!

Love and miracles,

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