April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023

Greetings citizens of love!
“Misery makes you special. Happiness is a universal phenomenon; there is nothing special about it.” – Osho

If we do not master our emotional awareness, we live in the constant state of receiving attention for our Ego’s need to look important. We think we want to feel happy however, the investment and returns of feeling miserable, are better for our Ego. In this space-time reality, we are rewarded with sympathy, people taking care of us and giving us comfort.

You may ask what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing, if you prefer feeling miserable just so that you can receive the rewards of sympathy.

Happiness and joy are the presence of God/Spirit/Universe (whichever you are comfortable with). If you are feeling gloomy, you are in the absence of God/Spirit/Universe. Your ego wants you to be miserable and to believe that you are separate from goodness, because in this state you are far more accepted by your social group (who feel the same as you) rather than being someone different and living life as happy and joyful as possible.

If you want to live in bliss, then something must change. The only way to access your happiness and joy is to truly know your Self; a deep look into your inner -self. To be human means to feel. There is no quick fix or short cut. Do something different and be brave enough to re-connect with God/Spirit/Universe. For all your spiritual needs, contact me via my contact page and make a booking.

As it is above so it is below:

The Full Moon is in the sign Libra on 6 April 2023. One -to-one relationships are highlighted and intense emotions throw things off balance. Awareness and consideration for other people’s feelings can support you in managing these relationships better. Full moons always highlight your feelings and bring completions. Honesty is the best policy.

The New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries on 20 April 2023. This is a time of self- expression with discernment. A Solar Eclipse is like a new moon on steroids and packs a big punch! Avoid being impulsive and remember to take a step back and think before you act. Act you must, just avoid the drama.

Eclipses are usually in pairs and two weeks apart. Eclipses signify big changes and endings and therefore new beginnings. They are the universe’s way of shaking up our world and bringing to light what needs to change or what needs to be let go of. Depending on your personal natal chart, the changes take place in the area of your Aries house. (to book your personal astrology reading, please contact me via my contact page)

Just to add more spice to the Eclipse season, Mercury goes retrograde 21 April to 14 May 2023. He is in his shadow by 7 April and only full steam ahead 2 June 2023. Secrets come to light.

Avoid signing legal documents, purchasing electronic goods, and triple check all communication for clarity. Expect delays, misunderstandings, change of plans and general frustration. Do edit, research, re-arrange, re-organise, re-think, re-do and rest.

I wish you a blessings- filled April!
Love and miracles,

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