August 2020 Newsletter

August 2020

Greetings Citizens of Love!

The greatest of medicine men and women, have always been depicted in history as people who could speak to and listen to the voice of nature, her trees or her animal kingdom.

The truth is that we all have this ability.

Every approach to life’s challenges today, is often referred to as “meditate, you’ll feel better” or “still your mind and you will find the answers”. The difference between then (the age when medicine men or women were held in high esteem) and now, is that today, humanity is faced with the constant repetition of fear-based thoughts, or images. I do not wish to discount that there are indeed fears that most of us experience on some level, whether it be health, or money related or even simply the safety of our families. However, I am suggesting that every one of us has the power to listen to our inner voice and act accordingly.

The inner voice is perhaps the most vital aspect of humanity. Consciousness and awareness are the key to understanding your personal vocation. When you do not listen to your inner voice, you drift further away from your purpose. The inner voice that I refer to is your Spirit Soul; the image of God that is experiencing this human life.

The alternative to listening to your inner voice is to give power to your human fear- driven ego. By focusing on your worries and ‘lack-of thoughts’, you become a carrier of anxiety and thank–less energy. Science has proven the theory that ‘like attracts like’. Therefore, you become more worried and less thankful.

August is a universal 8 in numerology and this means that balance (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) is essential in order to move through the heaviness that fear causes. The 8th card of The Major Arcana in Tarot is The Strength Card which symbolises exactly that, strength. The image used in most Tarot decks is that of a woman in nature with a lion. The Lion is also the glyph for the star sign Leo, who celebrate their birthday now.

This month is your opportunity to be like the medicine man or woman, who listens to the voice of nature, who listens to his or her inner voice and to be in action of your vocation, i.e. your purpose.

Your purpose is rather simple. It is to be aware of your Godliness and to walk this earth in that divinity in all that you do and all that you speak.

(Remember that I am available for you should you need support or guidance. I invite you to also join in on my weekly zoom meditation group. Message me for details.)

As it is above, so it is below.

Thank goodness our beloved Mercury is full steam ahead!

The Full Moon is 3 August 2020 and as with all full moons, endings are highlighted. You may feel a friendship needs to be let go of or perhaps you have outgrown a group you belong to. This could also be the energy that motivates you to set different goals for the long term.

The New Moon is 18 August 2020 and as with all new moons this symbolises the time to start something new. New creative projects are favoured at this time. Spending more time with your children is also favourable now.

I wish you a blessed month!

Love and miracles,


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