August 2023 Newsletter

August 2023

Greetings citizens of love!
“If number of filtrations is the process of purification; same applies to human life.”Sonal Takalkar

In my daily spiritual practice, I have found that a clean and tidy living space produces a feeling of
peace and calm. Often in my own home and office space, when I am feeling irritated or distracted, I look around me to check what seems out of place or perhaps needs my attention. It is not always easy to pinpoint a certain emotion that has occupied my energy and therefore I look to my outside world for clues to support me in seeing what I am avoiding or what I need to give attention to.

By training yourself to be aware of clutter or disorder around you, you are practicing a necessary
mirror-consciousness. If the environment around you seems muddled, then you can surely shift your perception to what is going on inside your thinking mind and or feelings in your body. Feelings of resentment,  anger, or other hurts, take up very valuable energy space. Use the elements of earth to bring back peace and harmony in your life. Write down on a piece of paper what is bothering you, and then burn the paper in a fireplace. Often, you will experience a sense of release by doing this. Use coarse salt in your bath water to help cleanse your auric field.

Open the windows and or doors in your home to allow the fresh air in. Walk in nature and notice
purposefully the beauty that surrounds you. Simple routines like the above, support your purification of energy. There are many more ways to alleviate the daily stresses of life. Be creative in your search for the one that works for you.


As it above, so it is below:

The first full moon is in the sign of Aquarius on 1 August 2023, and all things humanitarian are brought to light. A time to release what no longer serves you and your world around you. Be kind and humane with yourself and others. The collective consciousness is emphasized by this full moon energy. Be aware of what you tune into.

The new moon is in the sign of Leo on 16 August 2023, and the need for fresh starts and a new cycle begins. A gateway of love is entering the heart centre this month (Lion’s Gate Portal unlocked near the end of last month and reaches pinnacle point 8/8), be aware of how you express yourself.

The planet Mercury governs all levels of communication, including travel, electronics, and logic. He moves into his shadow period by 4 August and turns retrograde 23 August 2023 and is stationed for direct motion on 15 September 2023, however, hold off making important decisions until he is out of his shadow on 30 September 2023.

The second full moon (blue moon) is in the sign of Pisces on 30 August 2023. The impact of two full moons in one month, particularly in the signs of Aquarius (1/8) and Pisces, describe the intensity with which we practice our intuition, truth, and creative vision versus illusions and lies. A cosmic shift of more kindness and compassion must take place – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I wish you healthy, love-filled month!
Love and miracles,


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