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December 2020

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Greetings Citizens of Love!

Wow, here we are at the end of this roller coaster 2020 and the end of a decade!

December is a Universal 3 vibration, which symbolises a time to be creative, nurturing and to bring more fun into life. It also means that we need to show initiative in order to realise that happiness is a feeling we generate through sharing and caring. Be careful of being ‘nice’ so that you ‘look good’ to others (Ego needs approval externally). Whatever you wish to share, be sure it is authentically given with no expectation in return.

We have experienced delays and unveilings of illusion on a personal and global level. Truth is relative to our personal perception and while we are awakening to new truths, it can be something we resist. Remember that resistance makes us rigid and therefore “breakable”. When we choose to continuously flow WITH life force energy, we ALLOW for change to take place smoothly.

We can all make a difference by releasing self-importance and accept that we are accountable and responsible for the energy we bring into our lives. If we do not have boundaries, we give permission to experiences that will remind us painfully, that we are being disrespected, dishonoured, because we have disrespected ourselves on some level. We have neglected our Self honour for whatever reason we wish to justify this. Justification dances very well with blame. And when we find ourselves blaming others, then we are choosing to be a victim of life. When in fact, we are the creators of life. 

I recently experienced an unbelievably valuable lesson in boundaries that exist or do NOT exist in an equal exchange of energy. It is vital that we uphold and maintain our personal and professional boundaries. We must be aware of the choices we make and acknowledge that no-one knows better or even has the power to make a choice for us – I am my own problem or my own solution. 

We choose kindness above all, however, being “nice” is giving someone else the approval to manipulate you so that it suits their self-importance needs. This produces dis-respect for us and the other person. We give them or ourselves permission to be the ‘scape-goat’, either for our own lack of respect or for theirs. There is so much more kindness (especially for ourselves) in being able to say “no”. Our body is always the first reference point of truth. If it does not feel good, it is not. Trust!

There must be an equal exchange of energy. The Takers will always take because of their sense of importance and no consideration for others. Boundaries are essential!

As it is above so it is below

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is 14 December, and it is packed with powerful energy! We are transcending the ordinary existence and being summoned to focus on a bigger picture. We now increase our understanding and awareness into expanding new ways of thinking.

Jupiter is conjunct Saturn on the Solstice 21 December. We must obey the rules for big change to occur.

The Full Moon is 30 December, and this is a time to nurture ourselves and avoid making rash or impulsive emotional decisions.

I wish you a blessed and festive month!

Love and miracles,


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