December 2021 Newsletter

December 2021

Greetings Citizens of Love! 

“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.” – Art Buchwald

Who do you spend most of your time with? And if you do not like your answer, do you have the willingness to change this? Do you make time for self-care? What is your contribution to society?

The questions above can help you see how precious your time is and can teach you to appreciate the gentler side of you. The world you are living in right now, is changing. Change demands a shift out of a comfort zone. There is only one truth when change is taking place, and that is that you will feel a certain amount of irritation.

Your purpose on this planet is to live life with purpose and if sometimes you feel you have no purpose, then I invite you to look at your current contribution to your life. What are you giving to life? Are you a taker with no consideration for others? What is your standard of value in your life? What do you offer life? Your answers will provide you with the guidance you need, to make the necessary changes. (If you wish to join the Self-Mastery beginners group in January, contact me via the Contact Page for details. Go inside, take a look at your-self. All your answers are there!

December 2021 ends this year on a universal numerological number, upper and lower aspect three (1+2=3) and total eight (1+2+2+0+2+1=8). We can expect to be searching for some balance in all areas of life; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The number three urges us to find value in our self and or others, and not our stuff. A nurturing and caring attitude in communication will help create harmony in our environment. The eight demands less drama and more communication. This is a month to feel motivated and inspired and to motivate and inspire others by being an example.

As above, so it is below:
The second eclipse is a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th of December 2021. Think before you act. Be assertive and avoid being aggressive as the latter will complicate things later. Have consideration for others and use your discernment when you feel the need to freely express yourself. You will experience at least one new beginning in an area of your life. Be objective and willing to change your perspective. Trust your intuition. A Solar Eclipse is masculine aggressive energy, take care and be aware of your Self and your surroundings.

The Full Moon in Gemini is on 18 December 2021 and brings completions and endings, talking things through openly and sharing your views may be advantageous if you remain calm and honest. Discussing deep and emotional topics need flexibility and compassion especially with your partner or in a social situation.

Remember the energy of the Moon (Full or New) lingers days before and after the date.

Attention: Our beloved Mercury, ruler of communication, travel, electronics and movable parts, the physician, enters his shadow period by the end of December 2021 and goes retrograde 14 January 2022. More about that in the new year!

Whatever you are celebrating this month of December, I wish you abundant blessings and joy to make your heart lighter!

Love and miracles,

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