January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021

Happy, healthy, and blessed New year!
Greetings citizens of love,
This month, I invite you to acquaint yourself with the facts about all the happenings around your life. Self-awareness is an important foundation for Spiritual growth. If you find yourself asking questions about your current events or the future, then take a look at your attitude. Is it fearful or is it trusting?
Fear is when there is a lack of trust and without a deeper connection with your God-consciousness, then you will feel challenged and talk about the ‘difficulties’ you are experiencing. Remember that where your focus is, that is what will grow. Make it your mission to extend your self-knowledge.
This year 2021 is a universal 5 number. This can be a year of great power if all the groundwork for 2020 is applied. It is a year of learning and finding solutions, opportunities regarding work can present themselves. Change is the keyword for 2021.
January is a universal 1 month, and it is aptly a vibration of new starts, fresh beginnings, and a time to renew and re-create yourself. How wonderful that this opportunity exists! Go forward fully under the grace of kindness and humility.
As it is above, so it below.
The New Moon in Capricorn 13 January 2021 creates a shift in structures and discipline. This is a wonderful opportunity to set new personal goals and follow the advice of the mountain goat who perseveres and is determined to achieve these goals.
The Full Moon in Leo 28 January 2021 highlights the emotional energy that is focused and stubborn to a point. It is time to find balance. Use this time to pay attention to unconditional love for yourself.
Our beloved planet that governs communication, travel, movable parts, and the physician, Mercury, is turning retrograde on 30 January 2021, and he will start slowing down as early as 20 January 2021 and will only be full steam ahead mid-March! He turns direct 21 February; however, the usual applies, avoid signing legal documents, buying electronics, or starting anything new. Remember he is the trickster so triple-check all communications, and back up your phone or pc sooner rather than later. Anything weak, will ‘break’ under a Mercury retrograde motion.
I wish you a blessed month!
Love and miracles,


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