January 2024 Newsletter

January 2024

Greetings citizens of love!
“The beginning is always today.” – Mary Shelley


2024 is a Universal number 8 in numerology (2+0+2+4=8) and this means we are in for a passionate, and challenging year. Karma is about cause and effect and this year is an excellent example of what you give, you will get. It is vital to practice equilibrium in all areas of life, i.e. spiritual, physical, mental and emotional; as the 8 can indicate extreme. Passion ignites inspiration and because the number 8 also signifies communication, it can have a wonderful impact on our ability to express ourselves. For a more in-depth look at how this year affects you personally, visit my contact page to make your appointment.

In Tarot the Strength card is the 8th Major Arcana card and traditionally it is depicted by a woman with a lion. Symbolic of how true strength is found in creating equality by using the Yin aspect (the divine feminine) together with the Yang (masculine of the lion).

In Astrology the 8th house is about transformation. Allow this new year to be the year of change for you, allow more love into your heart, allow more love into your being.

As it is above, so it is below.

Marvellous Mercury is direct by 2 January 2024, although he is stationary, life seems to pick up pace again by mid-January.

The New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn on 11 January 2024 and this marks an exciting time for new beginnings with career or job prospects. Take full advantage by marketing yourself and making yourself available.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Leo on  25 January 2024 and this invites unconditional love into the area of creativity or with children. Use this powerful illuminating energy to practice more self-love.

I wish you a wonderfully blessed, healthy and whole-ness 2024!

Love and miracles,

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