July 2020 Newsletter

July 2020

Greetings citizens of love!

Falling from grace or falling into grace?

July has arrived and this month has the potential to awaken even the most sceptical of minds. Is there something greater going on in the Universe? What is preventing us from moving forward? Is this the new normal?

July is a numerological 7 and the energy this brings is impulsiveness, direction or lack of direction, spirituality, freedom or rebelliousness and fear.

There are 7 petals of the rose; 7 phases of the moon; 7 planets of astrology; 7 wonders of the world; 7 days in the week and 7 chakras, to name but a few of the mystical truths of this number.

The number 7 relates to the awareness of our emotions. A highly spiritual number in its essence and symbolises movement – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels of direction.

God’s plan is simple. The question to ask is, what are you not aware of?

Falling into grace involves us surrendering our reason and perception. A challenging task for our Ego. Our lack of awareness will allow all beliefs born of fear to assume there is still some form of control over the outcome of our lives.
In fact, we have no control at all. It is obvious through all the sudden and unexpected events that have taken place all over the world up till now.

Falling into grace requires a surrender of helplessness and a move into feeling empowered. There is only one power relative to this statement and that is, truth.
When we deny our truth, or deny another of their truth, then we are merely in a state of falling from grace. It is that place where we perceive ourselves to be blameless. A place where everyone else is wrong and we are right and vice versa.

I invite you to research this question: What is my awareness of God/Universe/Source/Love/Truth?
Note your answers to this question. Your awareness of falling into grace or alternatively, falling from grace, depends on your denials or truths.

As is above, so it is below
The final of the three eclipses for this season is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 5 July 2020, and its energy is intense, emotional and can be understood as a final breakthrough after a breakdown. The eclipse energy is present up to six weeks before and after. Eclipses always bring to light what is hidden or denied in truth. Restrictions, discipline, humanity and nurturing are key words to describe this time. The news the eclipse wishes to reveal can also occur up to a month and a day after the eclipse. Awareness is key to how you respond.

Mercury goes direct on 12 July 2020, however he is only truly full speed ahead 24 July 2020. Proceed with caution. As the eclipse is in the mix, be extra careful with communication, especially if it is a secret!

The New Moon is 20 July 2020 and it is especially a good time for renewal and nurturing with your family and loved ones. If you have a list of wishes for the Universe to help you manifest, then this would be a good time to burn your list over the flame of a white candle. And then scatter the ashes into the wind or in your garden.

I wish you a healthy and blessed month!

Love and miracles,

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