July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021

Greetings Citizens of Love! 

Eternity exists outside of our limited thinking and belief of time. We associate the word with the afterlife, or with other energy beings that are spiritual and invisible to us, like the Angels, yet eternity is current and constant.

There is a place beyond time that exists within you, a place that resonates with truth for you; an entire Universe of Light and it is in your heart. The spiritual function of the heart is to record emotions and to allow for forgiveness, compassion and of course love in all its glory.

If ever there was the perfect moment for this light and love to shine, it is now. Be aware of your world, yet hold the vibration of light from your heart space so that your perception of your world is not clouded by the sadness or darkness of the happenings around you. Even in chaos there is order. You are responsible for you.

Understanding is not the actual result, it is more about the willingness to be Life’s student and accept her lessons, no matter how harsh they may seem at times. After all, if we knew everything we would have no purpose or reason to evolve.

Often in my newsletters, the word Trust is used, and it is truly what leads to faith and ultimately to an undeniable inner-knowing. Trust is like a river that flows, even though it cannot see its destination – the pinnacle purpose for which it was created. As are we. Self Mastery is vital to our evolution as a race and as Eternal Souls.

I am available via what’s app or Zoom for appointments for all your spiritual needs.

As above, so it is below.

The New Moon in Cancer, 9 July 2021, is symbolic of the much needed nurturing we are all due on some level or another. Remember that kindness to yourself and others prepares a way for thankfulness and grace. Focus is on the home-front at this time.

The Full Moon in Aquarius, 23 July 2021, you can expect completions and endings especially with feelings that have perhaps been too much to manage, and the emphasis is on you and how you feel, and what can you do to create more positive feelings. Change begins with you.

Stay safe and healthy.
I wish you a blessed month!

Love and miracles,


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