June 2021

Greetings Citizens of Love!

Rebellion is the process of resisting authority, control, or what society deems the ‘norm’. It is especially true of our current cosmic happenings.

There is always growth and a continuing evolution, from Mother Nature herself, to all her inhabitants, including the human race. 

Chaos is the instigator of change and without change there is stagnancy, and where there is stagnancy there is no creation. Therefore, no growth, no evolution. Nothing in our Universe is without an Etheric body. The Archetype (invisible to the naked eye) of an Etheric body is a replication of the physical body and it controls how thoughts are processed and received into the body as either a powerful and healthy energy or the exact opposite. To achieve a healthy etheric body and therefore a healthy physical body, avoid getting caught up in the Ego driven drama of ‘lack’ and ‘everything is wrong’ attitude. The holistic approach to a healthy Etheric body is to reconnect with God consciousness. 

Even our planets, ‘as above, so below.’ exist in their own Etheric body and influence a great deal of how we experience life here on earth. Our Spiritual evolution is going through a massive change. And we can see this with the planet of discipline, structure and rules, Saturn in retrograde until mid-October 2021. When a planet is retrograde, it is enforcing its properties and allowing for fixing and repairing. With Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, freedom, rebellion, and innovation is the focus. 

The Full Moon Eclipse at the end of May brought about some abrupt endings and definite completions, stirring our emotions and bringing to light all that is hidden. Eclipses are the Universe’s way of shaking up our lives and presenting sometimes, forced transformations, so that we remain in the continuum of evolution. Not always a pleasant experience, however, once the dust settles, acceptance of ‘what is’, allows for it to make sense. 

An Annular Solar Eclipse is when the Sun and the Moon are exactly aligned with Earth, however our earthly view of the Moon seems smaller than the Sun and so it produces a bright light ring around the Dark / New Moon. This occurs on 10 June 2021 from around midday in South Africa, so not visible to us here. The energy of a Solar Eclipse is Masculine and can be rather aggressive.

Be aware of your surroundings, avoid sudden bursts of confrontation, and take special care when driving. The Eclipse energy lingers for up to 6 weeks prior and 6 weeks after the fact. 

How these Eclipses impact your life, depends on your personal astrology birth chart, and everyone will feel the disturbance on some level. The ancients predicted doom and gloom on Eclipse dates and sometimes it can feel like that in our own lives, do remember that Life is a teacher and we are constantly learning, whether we are aware of it or not. 

To make matters even more invigorating, we have the master trickster, the planet Mercury, in retrograde. Mercury governs ALL forms of communication, logic, reasoning, transportation, and electronic goods. He has been stationary since the last week of May and slowly starts to go backward around the 4th June 2021. Even though he goes direct 22 June 2021 he is only really at his optimum speed again by mid-July 2021. 

Mercury Retrograde with Eclipse season brings everything hidden to light, from emotional denials to lies and untruths. The usual applies though, avoid signing legal documents, avoid buying any new electronic goods or anything that has movable parts. Triple check everything! 

DO review, renegotiate, repair, edit, clean out, refresh, and surrender to delays. Mercury retrograde always brings back the past in order to be sure that you are complete with it. 

The Full Moon is on 24 June 2021, and we are urged to complete projects and tasks, and also to express our emotions in a structured and acceptable manner. And remember to let go and relax, drop the extra baggage and share your truth minus the drama. 

In Numerology we are experiencing June as a Universal 11/2 energy (June=6+2021=11/2) which describes an emotional wobbly time. Avoid pushing people away, rather join hands and co-operate with others in order to create a more worldly expression of healing and self-mastery.

I wish you a blessings filled June!

Love and miracles,

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