March 2021

Greetings citizens of Love!

Who decides you do not deserve?

How often do you ask the Universe for something and actually expect not to receive it?

Transformation sounds like a process that requires so much effort. If this statement resonates with you, then take a look at what you are resisting.

There are two choices in life, every moment, every day, and these choices are made unconsciously because of your belief attached to the word ‘deserving’.

You either choose resistance or you choose to flow with life.

These are life factors you either resist or you are in flow with:

Truth; Love; Light; Success; Abundance; Prosperity; Joy. Can you add anything else to this list?

When there is lack of flow of the above, there is continuous choosing of misery. Misery is created because you are resisting something that needs to transform or change or dis-continue.

Life unfolds as you choose to see it. Either you love what you see or you do not. If it is the latter for you, then look at what you are in resistance to.

It is human nature, the conditioned mind, that allows life to be complicated and this is all because of the one choice you keep making, and that is to resist the simplicity of life.

It is so simple to just change your mind.

Focus on something better. Keep choosing repeatedly to be, and therefore allow the flow of truth, light, joy, abundance, success, prosperity, and love.

What do you choose? How committed are you to your choice?

As it is above, so it is below

The New Moon is on 13 March 2021 and all focus is on new ways to perceive your needs, your surroundings, and people. You may feel more sensitive and emotional at this time. Avoid making any big decisions, rather take your time and be clear on your needs with yourself first.

The Full Moon is on 28 March 2021 and the focus now is on endings and cycles completed, looking for the imbalances and making necessary repairs. The full moon highlights or brings to light the areas of your life that need your attention.

Mercury our beloved planet of communication, is in direct motion, yet very much still in his shadow period for the first few days of March. Proceed with caution and let the repairs begin!

I wish you a blessed and healthy month!

Love and miracles,


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