March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022

Greetings citizens of love!

Peace is a state of being and those of us who are challenged in reaching this space, are quite simply, searching for it in the external world. In fact, peace is an experience that can only be found inside our Self. And by pure law of nature, as within, so without, we then experience this peace outside of our Self. The world outside of us, exists because of our thinking and seeing. A Course in Miracles (Helen Schucman, 1976) teaches that the cause and effect is thought and reality.

Our world is driven by Ego fear.

Greed, the ego fear of not having enough.

Power, the ego fear of not having control.

You may ask, who or what produces these fears?  And although there are many versions of answers to these questions, it is basically our thinking and therefore our personal perspective.

“Spiritual growth requires the development of inner knowing and inner authority. It requires the heart, not the intellect.” – Gary Zukav

Your spiritual awakening is that moment when you realise that your thinking (your Ego) is driving your misery, sadness, and pain. Your spiritual growth begins here, with your will to change. You need to stop doing what you always do, if you wish to experience a different result in your life. Blame and resentment always lead to the destination of Self-hostility.

I invite you to explore these questions: What is preventing you from experiencing peace? What can you do about this? Imagine that you could do something to change that, what would you do?

At this very moment you are sowing the seeds of your future. Love illuminates all things. Choose wisely.

I am available for all your spiritual needs, and you can contact me via my contact page to make a booking and for details of courses.

As it is above, so it is below.

The New Moon in Pisces 2 March 2022 signals a rebirth or a new start relating to Self-realisations, creative endeavors, and opportunities to find new direction.

The Full Moon in Virgo 18 March 2022  is a time of culmination, a highly emotional time, and can bring about challenges that result in opportunities in how you do your work and changing health routines.

I wish you a blessed, peace-full month!

Love and miracles,

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