May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020

Greetings citizens of Love!

We are truly living in the most extra-ordinary time! The world has been turned inside-out. We are all experiencing the literal version of this. Forced to stay indoors and looking at the world outside with different eyes. Remember that doing the inner-work will bring about the outer-change.

There are two active energies working through humanity right now, anxiety and creativity. Anxiety is obvious in that the unknown future has now suddenly become real for some, and for others it is the most creative phase of life they have ever experienced. Which one describes you? 

Anxiety is in its essence, the fear of the future. And while there is absolute understanding in this current mental state, it is a definite sign that something needs to shift. The only way to shift out of anxiety and into something that is beneficial and different, is to practice your awareness. Awareness will shift you into making a different choice. If you have no awareness to your thinking, emotions and behaviour, you will keep unconsciously slipping back into what you experience as anxiety. 

Meditation assists us in creating new neurological pathways with opportunities to link our experiences to better feelings and emotions and in turn, favourable behaviours and habits.

Our emotions and feelings are references to past experiences and when we keep taking that route, we create the same old feelings and the same old behaviours. In order to change this, we must explore a new way. We cannot experience something new if we keep referencing the past on autopilot and a lack of awareness.

Guided meditations are a fabulous way to opening our willingness to be different. There are many available sources on YouTube for you to choose from. Alternatively check out my Facebook or Instagram pages to download the free meditation I have recorded just for you.

Creativity is what creates a fertile ground for us to experience a different way of life, a new way of feeling and most definitely, a fresh improved type of behaviour. Whether it is painting, baking, meditating, exercising, starting a new project or writing, being in action of creativity lifts our spirits and allows the feel-good hormones to be released into our body. We then break the cycle of experiencing the same thinking that produces the same feeling that results in the same behaviour. Habits are scientifically proven to be established over a 21-day period.

What prevents you from doing something different?

I invite you to discover the fabulous and marvellous you, by choosing to practice a positive way of thinking, feeling and acting. Choose one thought that you are currently over playing in your mind. Be creative and change it so that it matches a more empowering frequency. And practice that for 21 days at least 9 times a day.

For example: “My current thinking is in lack and poverty. I feel that I do not have enough ______ (fill in the blank). This makes me feel anxious and stressed about the future. I choose instead to change this thinking pattern to, I am enough. I have more than I need. I am safe and life is filled with wonderful surprises.”

To change the way we think, we must apply a conscious awareness of the problem or issue and shift it so that it changes how we feel and therefore changes how we act. And ultimately changes our experiences.

(I am available for all your mental and emotional well-being needs, message me for an appointment.)

As it is above so it is below

The planets in our current sky foretell the story that we are living in now and there are a few planets going into retrograde. They will be joining the planet Pluto in his determination to terminate, transform and change life as we know it, going forward. The key words are endings; re-structure; discipline; innovation; re-birth and expansive change from the old to the (yet) unknown new. Karmic change is also visible from the Nodes in the sky. The Moon symbolises the flow of events and our needs.

The Full Moon is 7 May 2020 and we will experience deep intense emotions. All focus is on endings and rebirths. It is a great time for contemplation and re-awakenings on a personal level.

The New Moon is 22 May 2020 and our ability to communicate in a new way will help us with our everyday routine. We are being encouraged to find a different approach in how we manage our day to day life. Be creative!

I wish you a blessings filled month!

Love and miracles,



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