November 2021

Greetings Citizens of Love! 

A wise man said, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Ghandi

November has arrived with an intensity for change. Conflict is the organiser of change and resistance to change brings deep emotional suffering. Depending on your ability to stay present and continuously choose to go with the flow, is what will determine the outcome of any situation currently playing out in your life.

In Numerology, November is month 11/2 = 1+1= 2, and a total number vibration of 7 (2+2+0+2+1=7).

It’s time to search and investigate for a better direction. There is also great emphasis on spirituality and joining hands and co-operating with others, in order to bring about a better future for the Whole. It can be an emotionally unstable time as the drama around us becomes more evident in our day-to-day life. More reason to stay present and hold the space of Light and Healing.

The microcosm (you) influences the macrocosm (the rest of the world). Every single one of us has the power to bring about a better future. The Cause-and-Effect principle of Karma produces the perception of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ in the world today. Starting with thoughts and ending with actions, we all need to practice choosing good quality thoughts that have a positive effect on our behaviour and daily events of our lives.

In Tarot, the 11th card of the Major Arcana is the Justice card. Symbolising truth, fairness and balance. Using the guidance of Justice, we are urged to look for the truth, and to embrace it so that we are at a great advantage to be in service of our own truth and ultimately to be in service of the truth for the Whole.

The planets and their motions also give us great insight as to what we are all dealing with this month. Here is what we are looking at: As above, so it is below.

The New Moon is 4 November 2021 in the sign of Scorpio and there is a great surge in drama. Pay attention to your own emotions and transcend those that do not serve you, forgiveness and kindness are the key words (for yourself and for others). Whatever comes up for you now, will show its completion at the full moon.

Our beloved Mercury is out his shadow and full steam ahead again on 4 November 2021. Be aware that his next retrograde motion arrives in January 2022.

The Full Moon is the third eclipse of the year, and it is a Partial Eclipse in the sign of Taurus, 19 November 2021. The last of the 2021 eclipses is a Total Solar Eclipse on 4 December 2021,             (more about that next month).

Eclipses always bring to light that which is hidden, and usually mark endings with abruptness.

There is a need to feel a sense of security and stability, and this is met with unknown emotional duress. Be practical with finding ways to overcome or transcend your bad habits and look for new ways to manage your world around you.

Depending on where the planets are posited in your personal birth-chart, will give you a clear indication as to what you are dealing with currently and how to manage it. Please view my Services page for more details and use the Contact page to make your appointment. 

I wish you a healthy and blessed month ahead!

Love and miracles,

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