October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020

Greetings citizens of Love!

October is a Universal 1 (one) month and according to Numerology, this signifies new beginnings and fresh starts. We will want to focus more on our capability to use our initiative or leadership qualities, to bring about the necessary changes in our lives.

Our Spiritual awakening as a Whole, All is One, is a continuous death and re-birth cycle. We see this in Nature as the seasons change, and even in the ending of the day with a sunset and the birth of a new day when the sun rises.

We have become more aware of our planet and all her living creatures. Awareness becomes possible when we are brave enough to see and accept our own shadow aspects and have the willingness to keep choosing to move into the Light.

When we experience a disconnection from Source/God/Universe, we travel the path into our Ego’s negativity. Our willingness to choose the Light is how we re-connect with Spirit/God/Source/Universe (whichever you resonate with).

Our willingness to be the best version of our Self, brings about the changes we desire, not only for our individual life, but also the world around us.

I invite you to look at your own life and explore the possibility that you are a product of the Light and each choice you make brings you closer or further away. Ask the Angels to show you the way by placing them with your intent, in front of you, behind you and to either side of you.

As it is above, so it is below

The Full Moon is 1 October 2020 and as with all full moons, endings and completions are the theme. The energy of this full moon lingers up to 4 days after. The moon highlights our needs and at this time, we are reminded that our feelings are important and need to be acknowledged.

Our beloved planet of communication, travel and moving parts, Mercury, begins his retrograde motion 14 October 2020 and moves direct again 3 November 2020. We will feel him slowing down as early as the 3 October and he will be fully awake and full speed again by 20 November 2020. When this planet is retrograde, it is wise to avoid signing legal contracts, buying electronic goods, or beginning any new ventures. Triple check all communication. Remember we ALL feel like we cannot hear, speak or see properly, be patient and use this time to repair, re-negotiate or review what comes up for you. The past will visit, so be sure to practice awareness and move slowly and carefully forward.

The New Moon is 16 October 2020 and as with all new moons, this signifies new beginnings. Relationships will be in the spotlight. With Mercury in retrograde, be clear in your communications and avoid making assumptions.

There is another Full Moon 31 October 2020 and it is known as the Blue Moon. This time avoid being too stubborn and let it go! Be practical and look for solutions.

Next month we head into Eclipse season with the first Lunar Eclipse 30 November 2020. The energy of Eclipses usually become apparent weeks before. More details next time.

I wish you a blessed month!

Love and miracles,

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