October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021

Greetings Citizens of Love! 

“God equals man minus ego” – Sai Baba (Indian Guru and Philanthropist)

Self-realization leads to intense healing. The average person seeks to heal through psychological therapy, and indeed this therapy has its purpose, however, my truth is that unless a person re-connects with God consciousness, there is always going to be a feeling of being stuck and returning to the past for reference.

The ego mind can only reference the past, it has obviously not experienced the future, and therefore can only rely on the feelings and emotions of the past. This produces repetitive patterns and keeps you stuck in your pain and provides very little, if any, inspiration to move forward.

How do you reconnect with God consciousness? This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with spirituality. Esoteric Psychology is the study of Soul, and this has over the years become more acceptable and people are seeking out Spiritual Guides. In order to achieve a feeling of inner peace, and a true sense of happiness, there must be a merging of the World Ego into the Spirit Soul. My book The Creator’s Way (2016) is an oracle of guidance for exactly this topic. View the shop page for my books and meditations.

The World Ego is the negative mind, and the happy and peaceful Spirit Soul is the higher self or spirit self. Self-realization leads to merging the two into acceptance and understanding of being one and the same as God consciousness. The process of healing or spiritual evolution, requires a willingness to change and the capacity to truly see yourself. A shift in consciousness is usually followed by some crisis in life.

Every experience in your life is valid and holds the key to unlocking your heart so that you can exist in happiness and joy and love. However, without the guidance of your Spiritual Teacher or Counsellor, there is a lack of discipline that exists in the Ego mind that will keep you going back and stuck in the patterns of the past.

There are two choices to choose from in every choice, the one that leads you closer to the Divine (love) or the one that leads you closer to Ego (fear). This is not about balance; the God consciousness is about moving from the Ego mind directly into the heart space and functioning on a level that is consistent with love. Imagine our world if every person shifted into this. It starts with you.

As it is above, so it is below.

The New Moon is 6 October 2021 and as with all new moons, fresh starts and new beginnings are symbolised. Achieving balance by seeing things in a new and different perspective helps personal relationships and one on one communication. Wisdom is accomplished through experience. Be wise and use the knowledge you have acquired from your past experiences to create harmony going forward.

The Full Moon is 20 October 2021 and as with all full moons, endings and completions are symbolised. This full moon is more about harvesting the seeds that were planted six months ago and realising what is working and what is not working. Emotionally a very fiery time, avoid outbursts and take your time to respond rather than react from a place of anger.

I wish you a healthy and blessed month!

Love and miracles,

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