September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022

Greetings citizens of love!

Our task is to be centred. The point of equilibrium is to be in the flow and not stagnant at one
single point at any given time.

“Duality says the brighter one aspect, the darker the other.
Polarity says they are two sides of the same coin.” – Affinity Soul

The higher your awareness, the more you flow with life. There are so many different spiritual
buzz words and fashionable statements in today’s world. The greatest falsehood though, is the
belief that if you become more spiritual and aware, then you no longer will experience ‘bad’
situations or ‘negative’ feelings.

The truth is you are a human being experiencing life on this planet. You cannot avoid this. While
you are here, you will learn the lessons life brings to you and you will either become wiser or
become bitter. Wisdom will teach you that to stay in the flow of life, you must avoid resistance.
Bitterness will simply keep you experiencing being the martyr and the sufferer. The point of
equilibrium is when you learn the lesson and continue to flow with life. Equilibrium is achieved by
Self-Mastery – ‘Know thyself’’.

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As it is above, so it is below

Mercury, the planet that governs movable parts, electronics, communication, understanding, thinking, legal contracts, travel and the messenger, is retrograde from the 10th of September 2022 until 2nd of October 2022. By now you know that the time before and after this retrograde is just as important to be aware of. Mercury is full steam ahead by the 16th of October 2022.

Retrograde means, repair, reorganise, revisit, edit, rethink, redo and triple check all communication as misunderstanding and miscommunication are the calling cards of a Mercury Retrograde.

(For more details of how this Mercury motion will affect you personally, contact me for an
astrology reading.)

The Full Moon is in Pisces 10 September 2022 and as with all full moons, this is a time of
completions and endings. Trust what unfolds and be aware of your emotions. Pisces is a
very sensitive sign and feels everything deeply. The full moon highlights your emotions
especially if you have been in denial or resistance to them. Acknowledge and release.

The New Moon in Libra is 25 September 2022 and as with all new moons this signifies a
time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Finding equilibrium in one-on-one relationships,
are significantly important now. Remember to stay in your point of power by remaining true
to your Self.

Overview of planets this September month is that there are 6 planets in retrograde. This
means slow down, be disciplined, explore new structures, and function within the
boundaries of Truth. Pluto ends its 5 month long retrograde early October 2022. Your
transformation becomes evident.

I wish you a healthy and blessings filled month!

Love and miracles,

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