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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

These divine tools help us gain insight to past, present and future of your life. Guidance is received even when asking hypothetical questions.

Cartomancy Reading

Cartomancy Card Reading 

This is using normal playing cards and is especially insightful when doing relationship readings.

Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium

Messages from Spirit and crossing over to loved ones.



Birth chart, Solar Return, Lunar Return and Progressed chart readings. The planets guide and assist with all issues relating to life.



The symbolism and vibration of numbers in your name and birth date, give us insight to your life and life events, past, present and future.

Self Mastery

Self Mastery Classes

Soul Guide and Spiritual Teacher Sessions are aimed at teaching you life tools to better manage your life and all situations occurring now, for a better result. “Know Thyself” is an Ancient Greek philosophy that invites you to be the best version of yourself.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Practitioner

Feng Shui is an ancient science of placement of objects for maximum flow of energy, creating harmony and abundance.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Removal of entities and cleansing of space, home or work.


Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Theoni is registered with the Traditional and Faith Practitioners of South Africa. Hypnotherapy brings forgiveness and healing, from past lives to present life and future.

This technique puts Ego into an altered state of consciousness thereby accessing Soul (subconscious), where all your questions are answered. Also accessing your Akashic records for ultimate healing purposes.

Only in Person not Virtual


Reiki Grand Master level 20 and Teacher

Reiki is an ancient healing technique using your hands. We are all conduits of the Divine Light used for healing.


Guided Meditation

Theoni facilitates meditation classes virtual and in person

Energy Healing

Energy Healing and Chakra Balance

Chakras are invisible energy centers that can hinder daily life function and create dis-ease when blocked or slow.
Clearing of emotional blockages and balancing of Chakras help you manage your emotions thereby managing your life better.

Tarot for Beginners Course

Total of 6 Classes

During the course of the  individual classes, we will be covering the following:

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana


Card Combinations


6 Classes / 60min per Class


Your intuition will develop and over time you will find that it will get stronger as you progress on your journey. Learning the tarot card meanings isn’t going to be as hard as you thought! ​I’m looking forward to starting this journey together!

When I started to learn Tarot I found it really daunting and didn’t know where to start, everyone would say don’t rely on the key meanings as it can be different for every reading, go with your intuition, your gut instinct and look at the aspecting cards!!



Pendulum Course

If you want to learn how to use a great tool, such as the Pendulum, as an extension of your own hand to do some energy clearing and dowsing work, then this is the class for you.


Learn the Pendulum

During this course, we will be covering the following:


How to connect with your pendulum

When to use your pendulum

How to use your pendulum



Usui Reiki Course

Usui Intentional Reiki

This course will offer the knowledge and
skills of  Level 1, 2 & Master Teacher
level 3 in Reiki. We will be covering the
following main topics during the course:

History and Theory



Healing with Reiki




Reiki is easily learned and practiced as self-care by anyone who is interested. No special background or credentials are needed to receive training. One of the hallmarks of Reiki practice is its simplicity. Daily Reiki self-care provides an opportunity to restore balance, reduce stress, and reconnect with an experience of wellness.

More Courses

Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic Records

The Akashic records hold every detail of Soul’s lives past, present and future.

Angels & Guides

Meet your Angel and Spirit Guides

We all have Angel and Spirit guides in our life. When we are able to connect with them, our lives are divinely transformed.

Archetypes & Masks

Reveal Your Archetypes and Masks

We all wear masks as our protection. In this course you will discover what masks you wear and in which area of your life you use them and transcend for your highest good.


Manifesting Abundance and Harmony


Bagua Vision Board

This is a vision board to manifest your desires using the ancient Bagua system.

Universal Laws

Laws of the Universe

Study the laws of the Universe


Energy Healing

Master the art of free available Energy Healing

Angel Readings

How to do an Angel Reading

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