January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022

Happy New Year citizens of love!
There is great symbolism and duality in the 2’s of this year 2022. In numerology these 2’s indicates joining hands with others, cooperating with others, partnerships and partnering up and also, loss and separation or emotionally wobbly are key themes.
However, the universal total vibration number for 2022 is a 6. To find a more detailed description of how this 6 year affects your life, you are welcome to book a numerology reading with me by visiting the contact page.
In general, what we can expect from this universal 6 year is patience and focus and taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions.
There has been a surge of spiritual growth and awareness since 2006 with the launch of the movie, The Secret. The essential message of this time is if you don’t like your results in your life, then CHANGE YOUR THINKING.
The teachings of Abraham (a collective guidance as received by Esther Hicks) ask a wonderful question, “Have you put a happy face on it?”
For 2022 I invite you to stop pretending that everything is okay. Stop putting a happy face sticker or mask on whatever you are unwilling to deal with. An aspect of healing involves acknowledging and accepting what you cannot change. From this place you create an opportunity to let go of what you cannot change and begin to consciously choose thoughts that ultimately help you feel better, stronger and more at peace. Get to know your Self.
There are always going to be uncontrollable situations in life however, the Law of Attraction is constant, and it is your responsibility to be aware of what you are attracting. Imagine how different your life can be, that’s all it takes, your imagination.
There are hundreds of thousands of spiritual teachers speaking of the same belief, all over the world. Not a new belief, as its origin is from the Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato – ‘Know Thyself’ is Self-Mastery. Become familiar with the Truth about who you are and what you are capable of. You will be amazed!
Choosing better feelings and thoughts are the pathway to new and better life results. It’s time.
As it is above, so it is below.
The New Moon in Capricorn is on 2 January 2022 and this is the best time for those vision board creations! You have an opportunity to visualise your plans for the year ahead. Remember the New Moon symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts. Keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde this month, hold back from launching anything new until the end of February.
It is Mercury retrograde from the 14 January 2022 and goes direct 4 February 2022. Mercury will be fully awake and full steam ahead by 24 February 2022, be cautious from as early as the 1st of this month until then. Mercury retrograde places a veil over our heads so we ALL can’t hear, speak or read properly. This may create misunderstandings, and miscommunication.
Triple check all communication, avoid signing legal documents, back up your tech stuff and be mindful of possible delays. Use this time instead to re-focus, re-arrange, re-organise, edit, research, re-group and practice patience with your self and others.
The Full Moon is in Cancer on 17 January 2022. Endings and completions are emotional themes currently. Emotions may run high in the home and create intense moments of neediness. This full moon marks the end of an emotional cycle.
Happy New Year!
I wish you an abundantly blessed and amazing month!
Love and miracles,


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