June 2022 Newsletter

June 2022

Greetings citizens of love!

Are you afraid of what others might think of you? Perhaps your answer is ‘no’. Is that true? Really true? How much effort or energy does it take for you to willingly smile all the time? What happens when you smile too much? The answer is that everyone around you will more than likely be smiling back at you. Your body and every cell and organ inside your body will feel the sensation of your smiling. Imagine the ripple effect!

There is an invisible and subtle energy that fills your life. Love is in constant flow. Yet, fear is the comfortable, albeit unconscious, thought. The fear of being ostracized or being alone or unaccepted is motivated by your wanting to keep the status quo. Avoiding change, refusing to accept situations as they unfold, because of a desperate need for rightness, or blame. Desperation always leads to self-destruction.

When you start examining your life and how it has progressed, you will see that progress comes from change.

There are more humans on this planet today than there has ever been. It makes sense that with a co-operative or rather, a co-serving attitude, humanity can and will experience more harmony. A simple smile creates a lifting of the fear veil and serves as an acknowledgement – I see you. Imagine the ripple effect of that; being seen, being acknowledged.

I invite you to celebrate you. Smile often. Be in service.

As it is above, so it is below.

Our beloved Mercury, the planet that governs communication, travel and movable parts such as electronics, is stationed for direct motion on 3 June 2022. He is fully awake and forward moving again by 18 June 2022. Until then, proceed with caution and this would be a good time for second opinions and repairing what broke in the last month.

The Super Full Moon is in the sign Sagittarius on 14 June 2022. Expect emotions to be intense and all over the place. The truth is revealed. As with all full moons, something needs to end so let go of the old and look forward with excitement.

The Micro New Moon is in the sign Cancer on 28 June 2022. Home may be highlighted for you at this time leading up to the New Moon, and emotions vary from nurturing to needy and dependent. All hidden aspects to you and or your life, come to light within days after this New Moon. When the light is on, there is brightness promised and new beginnings.

I wish you a healthy and blessings filled month!

Love and miracles,

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