May 2023 Newsletter

May 2023

Greetings citizens of love!
“God’s grace is raining freely everywhere. All you need to do is to come out of the shelter of ideology, beliefs, theories and stories.”- Shunya

Belief systems or patterns that have been passed down from ancestors, religion, environment or teachers (however they may present themselves to you) have a massive impact on your life choices and actions. Each belief you carry in your lowest consciousness, found in the Root Chakra, is responsible for how you perceive your world. Some beliefs are truth and others are falsehoods.

Depending on your awareness, you either see life as an extension of God or not. If the latter influences you more, then you will experience many situations in life that lead you to believe, you are right and that it’s everyone else’s fault. Or, you fear taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions even though the need to leave the space of fear is very real.

Most people talk about their spiritual journey as if they have reached their destination already. Attempting to be as ‘non-human’ as possible in fear of ‘not looking good’ to others because of this state of spirituality they believe they have reached. Yet, the Root Chakra is a place that is constantly challenged. How do you know if what you believe is true? What makes one belief truer than another?

Life continually offers opportunities for spiritual growth, and they all involve your ability to take responsibility for yourself. I invite you to explore your own attachments to the beliefs you have that do and have often challenged you. You cannot avoid being a human being on this planet. No matter how spiritual you think you are.

As it is above, so it is below.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio is 5 May 2023. This is the second of this eclipse season. Eclipses bring about massive change and can be felt up to six months before and after. A full moon symbolises completions, endings and illuminations. Scorpio is deep intense energy and your awareness in communicating and expressing your emotions, will support you with the intensity of this moon.

Mercury is direct 14 May 2023. However, be cautious as he is stationary and only full steam ahead by 2 June 2023. (Refer to previous month’s newsletters for details about Mercury retrograde.)

The New Moon in the sign of Taurus is 19 May 2023. A time of rebirth, fresh starts and a closer look at how you support your self-esteem and well as all things material.

I wish you a healthy and blessings filled month!

Love and miracles,

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